Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Body Position

Getting motorcycle body positions right is so crucial not just for the sake of safety but also to help you enjoy quicker and smoother rides. Some of the positions that you see from professional motorcyclists on GP may seem like a show-off, but they are not. With the high speeds that their bikes are going at, it is paramount that they make such positions to maintain balance and control of the motorcycle. There are several key things that you need to know about motorcycle body positions even if you are not a professional. They will not only help you in understanding the riding of the motorbike better and boosting your safety but will also make your riding even more enjoyable.

Body position levels are the first essential tip that you need to learn about motorcycles. There are usually three primary levels i.e. the basic level, intermediate level, and the full-hang off position. All these body levels are uniquely used at different speeds and corners to allow for smoother and safer cornering.

The “basic” position, for example, is commonly used when riding at street speeds. This position involves slightly leaning your upper body off the center of the bike towards the inside of the turn. In this post, your inside shoulder is expected to stay low as you look through the curve. It is a simple position that allows for better cornering.

The “intermediate” body position level, on the other hand, is used when riding more aggressively around street twists. This position is achieved through rocking your hips and inside butt cheek as you lean your upper body into the turn. It allows your internal sit-bone to support your weight. At this level, your arms are positioned well to counter-steer the inside arm. It also leaves your inside handlebar pressed by your shoulder while the outside arm remains extended and relaxed. In such a position you will manage to negotiate corners more aggressively while remaining in full control of the bike. To achieve the physical fitness you need, read this F4X review and take the course.

The third and most impressive body position level is the “full hang off.” This body position is used by the most aggressive and professional riders. Although it may seem as hard and risky to do, it is usually very easy and can be learned through basic tutorials. Through these tutorials, you learn how to position your arms, legs, shoulders, butt and the entire body all in the right place to achieve this position. If done correctly, hanging off enables you to overcome hard parts and corner at very high speeds. Care must also be taken when trying to achieve this position because if done incorrectly it can lead to serious problems. You must, for example, make sure that you avoid rotating your hips around the tank as much as possible. Failure to this can result in a crossed body position that will make it hard for you to control the bike. For better lateral movements across the bike, you must also leave some space between the tank and your crotch.

Achieving all these body positions accurately needs taking keen caution on all details. For instance, when you are trying to move from side-to-side you are always warned against using handlebars. This is because they can interfere with traction and chassis that can lead to accidents. Instead, you should utilize your torso and legs.

You should also learn to get your body position correct first before you start initiating a lean. It allows for quicker and smoother turns. If you are too late to place your body, then you are likely to experience a more chaotic and stressful cornering.

From all the above information you should be able to enjoy riding and cornering more. Your turns no longer have to feel stressful and chaotic. Learn the above positions, practice more and in no time you will have mastered all levels of motorcycle body positions.


Riding Motorcycle Can Improve Your Physical Health

Who remembers seeing a motorcycle when they were younger and thinking about how cool it was, or instantly falling in love with a guy riding a bike because they were believed to be super cool. Why did automatically swoon for motorcycles or motorcycle riders? Well, it was believed that motorcycles and people who rode them were extremely dangerous. However, recent studies have shown that riding bikes could improve your health and lifespan. Motorcycles get a bad rep, just like computer games they are labeled wrong but in reality have many health benefits Motorcycles are considered to be a low impact exercise which causes the leg muscle to tone; it is also can assist in weight loss and ride a bike has many other health benefits. These benefits are sometimes overlooked causing people to believe that bikes are dangerous for people.

Healthy legs and lower body

Many doctors have concluded discussed and came to the conclusion that motorcycle riders will tend to have fewer knee problems than other people because riding a bike and holding it straight is strengthening their patella and other lower body bones. Also, doctors and researchers say that riding a motorcycle may reverse knee pain and problems and can most definitely prevent them. Many of the most important muscles used to hold knee muscles and bones in place are in the thighs. This is one of the reasons bikers tend to have such beautiful legs. One example of this is when parking a bike uphill; bikers are doing the same amount of work included in a leg press of 600 pounds.

Ab strength

Activities that involve bikes also include abdominal strength. This results in bikers and motorcycle riders to have an adamant abdominal core. That’s why going for a bike ride is a lot more fun than doing a bunch of ab crunchers but will lead to the same results. A

Insulin Sensitivity

Because riding a motorcycle is considered to be a low impact sport, bikers who ride bikes have an increase in their insulin for at most of 8 hours after they finish taking a ride. This jump in insulin will lead to a notable increase in fat burning because insulin is a fat storage hormone. So when your body increase the sensitivity to it, then your body will produce less of it allowing your body to store less fat. This is also of great importance for people diagnosed with diabetes. Bike riding will also significantly lower the levels of glucose in your blood leading to a healthier body.

Calorie Burning

Finally, riding a motorcycle has been known to burn a lot more calories than driving a car or operating any other vehicle. So then, imagine how many calories it will.burn to ride a motorbike or motorcycle. Just to get everything required and to set it up is a lot of work. Making sure everything is ok, such as brakes, clutch, battle headwinds, etc. And then to manually move it out of the garage of space it is held in. Then riding the bike and the amount of force it takes to turn with the increase in metabolism ultimately leads to a healthy body. People who ride motorcycles can burn up to 600 calories an hour, while the average person can burn only up to 300 an hour.

So in conclusion, yes it is true that motorcycles are dangerous. Dangerously good for your health and body. Visit MI40X Reviews link to learn more.


The Most Expensive New Motorcycles in the World

To sling your leg over a motorcycle and send its motor purring is akin to mounting a cheetah and hurtling across the Savannah at top speed.

No other feeling compares.

Except, obviously, riding a cheetah across the Savannah.

Unfortunately, for anything even approaching top quality, you either have to shell out the money for the complete bike or shell out the money for the parts to build it yourself. Either way, there’s gonna be a lotta money involved, so why not save yourself the trouble and just buy one already made?

To give you a taste of what’s out there, here are a few of the most expensive bikes out on the road (not including custom jobs).

Ecosse Moto Works Founder’s Edition

Ranging from $100,000 to $300,000, depending on which version you get, this bike will surely cost you a pretty penny no matter what.

The Ecosse FE Ti XX boasts a shiny titanium chassis and exhaust, with a V-Twin engine that’s been supercharged to send you hurtling down the road. 200 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque ensure that you’ll never want for power with this bike.

If you want to go out and buy one, they sell exclusively from the manufacturer’s facility in Denver, Colorado.

Honda RC213V-S

Honda RC213V-S 15 3Despite the RC in the name, this is most definitely NOT a remote-controlled toy. With a price tag of $184,000, it’d be one of the most expensive toys on the market!

Marketed as a street version of Honda’s popular MotoGP, the racing bike was modified to make it a little more feasible to buy and ride on public roads instead of on a race track. The changes are minimal, but a starting motor, kickstand, and key-based ignition are all pretty much required no?

Only 250 examples are being made, and while the website for ordering is closed, it’s still possible to make your interest known. If you’ve won the lottery over the holiday break and are interested, visit

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter

02-confederate-motorcycles-p51-fighter-black_3No, the bike won’t suddenly take off on you. It’s called the Combat Fighter because it’s made entirely from 6061 billet aerospace aluminum.

$114,000 for the blonde version and $120,000 for the black, it better be done out of some space-age material. The Fighter is the latest in a long line of extreme motorcycles from Confederate, who are based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Powered by a proprietary S&S engine, it’s worth checking out as the most worthy of all the bikes the company’s ever made.

Energica Ego45

energica-ego45For those with fancier tastes and smaller wallets, the Ego45 is a limited edition version of the famous Italian electric motorcycle. Carbon fiber and 3D-printed fairing elements make it seem like this bike would be worth a mint, but compared to the others it’s a steal at only $68,000.

It’s a race-ready bike that has the capability to go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds flat. As the name suggests, only 45 of these bikes will be produced, so get one now – if they’re not already gone.

Rev That Engine, Ride That Road

For those of you with interest in two wheels instead of four, there’s your list of the most expensive motorcycles on the road today. Entrepreneur Tai Lopez is one of the fanatic car lovers, he will teach you how to be successful in life. See his course at the 67 steps –

Of course, you’d get even higher in price if you went custom, but then that’s true of anything.


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